The Future of KOMIKAbooks

Since our inception in 2019, we have been grateful to all our customers who purchased products through our shop throughout the years. We are also thankful to our suppliers who have trusted their products with us.

However, on a personal note:
1) I want to embark on a journey to become an illustrator/artist. I have been doodling on the side just for fun but being amazed by the endless amount of beautiful art out there and setting up a booth selling my products, I decided why not go further into it?

2) During an unscheduled doctor’s visit, my doctor found out that I have several medical issues that require surgery so I won’t be able to fulfill orders for quite some time. It’s a bummer but health comes first.

3) I have been renting out a storage unit which costs $200 per month. Unfortunately, the company that owns the storage facility keeps increasing their price every year, which forces me to downgrade to a smaller size storage unit to keep my other stuff and I can’t afford to keep extra inventory.

4) I have been wanting to wind down KOMIKAbooks for some time due to personal reasons but whenever I visit a furry convention, it always gives me a second thought. But this might be it.

So with that, we would be clearing all stocks on hand from now until 31 January 2024.
To help with that, we will offer a 10-30% discount on almost all products.

We will lock our website from 1 February 2024.

With much love,


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