Suspension of delivery via DHL

We have thought about it very deeply, but unfortunately, we will have to temporarily stop offering delivery via DHL due to an additional cost that was previously offered for free and also, the longer delivery time. We will break down the process of how DHL services were offered.

Process of DHL from pickup to delivery from our country
Third-party shipper picks up order > Third-party shipper compile parcels > Handover parcel to DHL > DHL processes order and delivers

Previously, it was just one flat rate combined (Third-party price + DHL price).

However, the new pricing is different.

Now, What customers will see and pay is the DHL price. There is an additional price that we now needed to factor in, which is the third-party shipping price that will only show up when we book for the shipping service. With that in mind, we cannot afford any hidden costs that will reduce our profit margin, and therefore, we have decided to temporarily suspend shipping via DHL until they have resolved the issues.

In addition, DHL’s delivery lead time has increased exponentially from 8 – 15 working days to 15 – 30 working days which is way too long for a delivery in our opinion.

We highly recommend customers to opt for other reputable shipping carriers like Aramex and AirMail services, which has the best reliable service so far and acceptable delivery time.

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