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New arrivals

Get your hands on Kokukokuboo 2019 illustration book here!

Kokukokuboo is back with another spicy Gumroad art compilation from 2019!

From original art, comics, and sketches to art from well-known games and shows such as Pokemon, Digimon, and Tokyo Afterschool Summoners, you will not be disappointed.

Our stories

All Gideon art books here!

We have stock of all art books by Gideon (FA) from Bump and Grind to the latest 2020 Art Folio.

Who we are

KOMIKABOOKS is a furry shop based in Asia.

We specialize in buying, consigning, and selling physical/digital art books, comics, doujins, and zines.

It is currently managed by Juri Traustur, a big and happy anthro horse!

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