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Written / Visual material submission

We are open for submission of written and/or visual works from all clients, not limiting to the furry fandom.

Guidelines for both Written and Visual submissions

Please submit applications to Incomplete submission or omission of information stated below may not be reviewed.

The following information must be provided in the email:

– Rating (SFW or NSFW)
– Size (A4 / A5 / A6 / Manga / Magazine)
– Number of Pages
– Colored or B&W
– Quantity (Minimum 10 copies)
– Link to PDF file (We recommend Google Drive)

Before uploading the PDF file, do make sure that:
– Minimum DPI is 300 and above
– Pages are numbered

We will reply to you back with a quotation within ONE MONTH. If the client agrees to the quotation, please reply back to us with a suitable payment solution. We accept Paypal or Western Union transfer.

NSFW books will be processed through our international supplier while SFW books will be published through our local supplier.

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